June 29, 2023 0 By LC

29 June 2023

FM: Commandants of VETCON
TO: Veterans, Cyber Warriors, Everyone who is fascinated by AI or terrified of Skynet
SUBJ: WELCOME TO THE AI ARENA: When Skynet Speaks, We Listen!

By decree of the Commandants, VETCON, on or about 11 AUG 2023, you are called to detach from your current station and responsibilities, proceed to Las Vegas, NV, and report on 12 AUG 2023 to the Commandant of the Artificial Intelligence & Veterans Interaction Command (AIVIC), VETCON HQ, for duty involving camaraderie and conversation with our future AI overlords.

You are ordered to report to Caesars Forum Rooms 105,136 NLT 2100 hours to the Commandants of VETCON, Las Vegas, NV (Earth).

  • For Navy personnel, it’s after you’ve finished wrestling with your sea bag thinking it’s the Kraken, but before you’ve tried to navigate the casino floor as if it’s the Atlantic in a heavy fog.
  • For Army personnel, it’s after you’ve meticulously camouflaged yourself to blend in with the hotel lobby plants, but before you’ve attempted to dig a foxhole in the casino floor.
  • For Coast Guard personnel, that’s after intercepting the Narcos submarines but before you’ve had to tow in a directionally challenged Navy vessel.
  • For Air Force personnel, it’s after your steak and lobster dinner, but before you’ve selected the evening’s wine from your personal sommelier, and certainly before you’ve had to settle for a 3-star hotel due to a booking mix-up.
  • For Marine Corps personnel, it’s after you’ve meticulously arranged your collection of ‘edible’ crayons, but before you’ve attempted to arm wrestle a boulder… again.
  • For Space Force personnel, it’s after you’ve calibrated your astrocompass but before the space-time continuum bends.

The journey herein mandated is critical in the service of public amusement and education.
Cost of this adventure is not chargeable to any allotment number, but your dignity and pride might take a hit at the poker tables.

This order will self-destruct at 0000 on 14 AUG 2023, so don’t dawdle.

Release to the vast and mysterious interwebs is authorized, encouraged, and probably inevitable.

By the order of Commandants of VETCON :
William Kimble, USMC Veteran and Skeptical Skynet Observer
James McMurry, USCG Veteran and AI Enthusiast